HYC Show Review of OFC 2019

Local time March 5 to 7, 2019, OFC opened in San Diego Convention and Exhibition Center, California, USA. OFC is recognized as an international event with the highest specifications, the largest scale, the longest history, the strongest professionalism and the greatest influence in the field of optical communication. HYC and its new products were on display and suddenly became a highlight on the show.

HYC team in OFC 2019

Right before the exhibition, we have made advertising for those main products being shown. Two splendid posters of the 2U Data Center Solutions and a patented LC Uniboot/MPO Connector appeared on the main passage of the hall.

HYC Skyscraper ads in OFC 2019

With the elaborate layout, innovative products and enthusiastic atmosphere, there was a wonderful prelude opening for the next 3 days. We have received optical industry partners and potential customers from North America and even all over the world, demonstrated the characteristics and selling points of our products, and patiently answered customers’ questions about the products.

HYC Booth
HYC Booth

It was noteworthy that our products did catch the eyesight of most attendees. Different from the traditional clip-on design, our push-pull LC/MPO connector is definitely more compact and easier to release from the adapter while the half-surround tab end will avoid cables tangled together. As to the HD 2U Data Center Solutions, the lightweight aluminum material design, coming with 12pcs plastic independent cassettes for 2U 288C LC which can also be maximize to 24pcs cassettes for 4U 576C LC, dedicates it to larger capacity and smarter management simultaneously.

HYC LC/MPO push-pull connectors

OFC attracted hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world. Over 1100 technical seminars were held at the same time. In addition to displaying abundant optical products and latest applications, HYC also actively participated in technical seminars to explore the latest market trends and technological directions of the industry. We spare no effort to create brilliant future of the optical communication industry.

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